Payment methods

On Kechiq, we accept the following payment methods:


PayPal allows anyone with an email address to securely send or receive online payments. Paypal works like a standard current account: you can carry out various transactions after registering online and opening your account. You can link a credit card, prepaid debit card or bank account to your PayPal account free of charge.

When PayPal is chosen as the payment method, the user is connected to a secure page where their email and password are requested; at this point, the amount is deducted from the PayPal account. For more information on authorised circuits, visit

Credit Card

We accept payments with all credit cards. As soon as a credit card is chosen as the payment method, the user accesses the 3D Secure system, which is the free security system for your online purchases designed by the International Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (SecureCode MasterCard) Circuits to prevent any misuse of credit cards and to avoid unwanted charges.

The operator and consumer involved in an Internet purchase can’t verify the real identity of the counterparty. This creates the possibility of witnessing online fraud, where malicious people use card numbers without the legitimate holders knowing (for example, from carelessly discarded payment receipts).

Therefore, the new security protocols require that a consumer proves their identity by entering the security code they receive via SMS on their mobile phone at the end of the payment process.

Bank transfer

You can make payments via bank transfer in all currencies.The bank account details are communicated when you place the order and may vary depending on the billing country. In the motive for the transfer field, you must indicate the order number to which the payment refers, which is indicated in the email sent by Kechiq with the order summary. If payment or a bank document proving payment isn’t received within 5 (five) working days, the order will be cancelled.

The estimated delivery date stated in the order summary email should only be considered accurate for SEPA transfers made online within 1 hour from submitting the order. Otherwise, the estimated maximum delivery date will be automatically recalculated based on the actual day the payment is received. We don’t recommend using this payment method in case of purchases related to special events with short deadlines (e.g. holidays, birthdays, gifts, etc.).


Scalapay is an innovative payment method that allows the customer to immediately receive the products and pay in 3 equal convenient monthly instalments. The service has no additional costs for the customer if the instalments are paid by the due date. For more information, visit the website:
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Plus glass insurance
Includes glass repair in the event of a full breakdown during the 2-year legal guarantee period. Includes crystal repair / replacement, home collection and return shipment from the service centre. Does not include repair of scratches, chips or other damage caused by falling watch.
Warranty Plus 1 year
1 year extension of validity in addition to the 2-year legal guarantee
Personalized engraving
Service for engraving a personalised text/date on the back of the watch. The possibility varies depending on the brand and model of the watch. We reserve the right to carry out a feasibility check beforehand. If it is not possible to engrave the back of the chosen product, the engraving service will be refunded.
Full protection
Glass + Warranty Plus 1 year insurance at a special price just for you. Glass Protection: Includes glass repair in case of complete breakage during the 2-year legal warranty period. Includes glass repair/replacement, home pickup and return shipping from service center. Does not include repair to scratches, chips or any other damage caused by dropping the watch. Warranty Plus: 1-year extended warranty in addition to the 2-year legal warranty
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Installment payment and secure transactions
We offer the possibility to pay for purchases in easy installments with Scalapay without any interest. In addition, all credit card transactions are guaranteed by PCI and DSS standards involving more than 300 security controls.
2 years warranty
All the « Ships from and sold by Kechiq » products always enjoy the manufacturer’s official warranty. All the products sold on Kechiq by Verified Partners enjoy several types of warranty, such as the manufacturer’s official warranty, reseller’s warranty or supplier’s warranty. The type of warranty provided by the seller and its duration are always displayed on the advertising. Concerning new products, the minimum duration of the warranty is 2 years. For further information or for verifying the type of warranty provided with the product you want to buy, please, contact our Customer Service.
Free returns within 100 days
You can return the product free of charge and without additional shipping costs within 100 days. After 14 calendar days from the delivery of the product, the return will be made using the same payment method with which the order was processed. After the 15th day the product cannot be refunded, but you will have a coupon of the same value to buy in Kechiq within 12 months from the date of issue.
New and authentic products
All our products are new, authentic and not subject to counterfeiting. Each original product undergoes strict quality controls before shipment and is accompanied by both the corresponding warranty certificates and the original packaging.
We are present in 12 countries
To ensure faster and more efficient shipments, Kechiq is present with various offices in multiple parts of the world.
Verified Partner
The “Verified Partner” is a seller who has been authorized to sell watches because of a regular license and who satisfies the qualities of elevated rank imposed by Kechiq on its products and services. Why is the seller’s name hidden? We don’t show our seller’s name to avoid whichever contact outside the platform, to safeguard both parties. The safety of your purchase is the most important issue to Kechiq: in fact, we take care of your orders and of the safety of your payments and we can handle eventual claims with the seller guaranteeing your best protection. When you purchase from a Kechiq “Verified Partner” you obtain the same terms and conditions offered by Kechiq. If you are the owner of the intellectual property rights of this brand or a representative, please, ask for more information about this partner by filling this form.
Shipped from Kechiq
All the products pinned as “Shipped by Kechiq” are sold by third-party sellers on Kechiq Marketplace and they have been settled in a Fulfillment Center which will then send them directly to end customers through one of our shipping companies and according to the delivery methods provided on our website. While placing your order, you can choose the shipping method you prefer. After placing an order, the estimated dates of shipping and delivery of your order will be shown on the sections “My orders” and in the confirmation e-mail you will receive. Kechiq Logistics is a service offered to our sellers through which it is possible to store their products in the warehouses of Kechiq, which will deal directly with packaging, shipping and customer services. The items managed by Kechiq Logistics benefit from the Standard Free Shipping for all private customers. If you are a seller, you can significantly increase your business using the Kechiq Logistic. For further information click here.
Payment by installments
Buy now and pay later with Scalapay. Pay your order in 3 equal installments every 4 weeks with 0 interest.
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